Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog For A Cause

My purpose of blogging here is to share my views on addiction, addictive behaviors, and recovering from them.  This is born out of my journey in recovery and my desire to share the way out that worked for me.  I had to struggle for a long time before I could find the way.  If only I had met the right people at the right time, or read about others who were sharing a similar journey, I would have had to suffer less.  However, I am glad for my experiences, and hope that others with the same questions about the common dilemmas that a person like me faces when processing standard treatment approaches will benefit from this blog. 

However, this post is not about addiction, or recovery per se, but about a discovery that I made in the blogosphere.  Here goes...

A frequent question that right thinking individuals are faced with is how we can make a difference to the environment beyond setting our own individual lives right. For writers, artists, bloggers, musicians, this is the driving force that makes them stick to their beliefs, striving to share and promote their vision without compromise.

I recently came across a wonderful blog set up by a team of young people who are trying to do just that. It is called I Blog for a Cause, and tries to create a community of people that are working to reverse the damage we have done to our environment and our society. A truly laudable initiative, this project promises to make a real difference to the world around us, by bringing ideas and people together. Do visit, subscribe, join as a follower, and share on your social networks.

This is what the team says about itself.

I Blog For A Cause” is a social project that provides bloggers to showcase their Social Responsibility. Everyone supports one or more social cause, everyone tries to make a difference, but that is not enough. We need a platform and a solid network of like minded people. “I Blog For A Cause” is a community where you can share a cause that you support and where the fellow members will help each other to spread the word. Just imagine how easy it becomes to spread the message when there are people who are as serious about a social cause as you are.

Here's wishing I Blog for a Cause all the best!!

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